Woman in Green... Recycled
20 x 39 in.
Mixed Media


Inspired by Bitter-Sweet from Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedűvel by György Ligeti (on poems by Sándor Weöres).
Performed at the January 26th, 2018 Southern Exposure New Music Series
by Rachel Calloway of Duo Cortona and USC Percussion Studio.

VI. Keseredes (67. Magyar Etude)
Szantottam, szantottam het tuzes sarkannyal,
hej, vegig bevetettem hullo konnyeimmel.
Szaz nyilo rozsarol as erdon almodtam,
hej, tobbet nem aludtam, felig ebren voltam.
Hajnalban folkeltem, kakukszot szamoltam,
hej, visznek eskuvore kedves galambommal.

VI. Bitter-Sweet (67th Hungarian Etude)
I plowed, I plowed with seven fiery dragons,
Heigh-ho, I sowed nothing but lilies of the valley.
I plowed, I plowed with a beautiful diamond plow,
Heigh-ho, everywhere I sowed my tears.
In the forest, I dreamed of a hundred blossoming roses,
Heigh-ho, I slept no longer, was half awake,
In the early morning I got up, counted the cuckoo calls,
Heigh-ho, they are taking me to be wed to my sweetheart.