Last of the Wild Dancers in the Forest of Color
-Shadowbox Anomalous Series-

20 x 44.5 in.
Mixed Media

[on extended loan to the Patti Boltz Collection]


Inspired by Dance Song from Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedűvel by György Ligeti (on poems by Sándor Weöres).
Performed at the January 26th, 2018 Southern Exposure New Music Series
by Rachel Calloway of Duo Cortona and USC Percussion Studio.

Hungarian Title:

II. Tancal

No text.


II. Dance Song

No text.

Artist's Statement:

The music that inspired this piece has a very
bright, peppy, festive sound that pops wildly
which is why I chose the colors and shapes on
the back canvas. The white vertical lones are
meant to imply the trunks of very tall trees
while the thicker horizontal lines represent a
morning fog after an all night dance. The
canvas strips and finer shapes at the base
represent leaves on the forest floor and
roots growing below. The paperclay figures
represent a larger tribe of dancers (offstage).
They are an amalgamation of Butoh,
Celtic pagan dancers and Bacchanalian or
Dionysian participants - in this case carrying a 
horn and spherical chimes or globes.

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