I Am Mountain
-Shadowbox Anomalous Series-

12 x 25 in.
Mixed Media


Inspired by Fable from Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedűvel by György Ligeti (on poems by Sándor Weöres).
Performed at the January 26th, 2018 Southern Exposure New Music Series
by Rachel Calloway of Duo Cortona and USC Percussion Studio.

Text in Hungarian:

I. Fabula
Szembjon a masik hegy.
Orditanak ordasok:
Ossze ne morzsoljatok!
En is hegy,
te is negy,
nekunk ugyan egyremegy.


I. Fable
The others mountain comes toward it.
The wolves howl:
Do not crush us!
I, am mountain,
you, too, a mountain,
we are indifferent to that.

Artist's Statement:

This piece represents and ancient being of nature.
An elder elemental that lives deeply rooted.
Movement is slow and mostly internal. Ponderous.
It is Mountain.
Mountain is.
I wanted to use some of my favorite subjects to represent
this idea... European wild men/women figures combined
with Asian Yokai. The "horns" on the mask
can be seen as antlers of beasts, or branches of a tree.
But they can also be read as the vents through which 
lava flows. The ghillie suited canvas (fur of wild things) is
touched by the new heat over falling mountain snow.
The eyes in the ash coated face are barely open but 
glow with fire underneath.
Mountain has been asleep... but Volcano has started to awaken.
Volcano moves.

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