Some may have noticed that I often revisit a particular symbol in some of my work. A dot within a circle. 
The official name for this symbol is 'circumpunct'. It is an old image, I certainly did not invent it. But I can 
recall spending time in my earliest years smoothing dirt in the back yard into a surface that I could doodle
on with my fingers. I often doodled this symbol simply because I liked the way it looked.

But over the years it developed various meanings for me. I have always had a layman's interest in science 
though I would never claim any expertise. At some point in my school years I started connecting this symbol
with the idea of cells and atoms and ovum. Reproduction. Seeding the future. Creation of life. Passing genetic
material into new generations. The building blocks of the universe.

I have also thought of it as a representation of stars, galaxies and solar systems.  This was emphasized when I
read books by Dr. Carl Sagan and discovered his quoted concept, "The cosmos is also within us. We're made
of star stuff.' And this leads the symbol to further mean for me the internal self and the exploration of the inner
mind and spirit. Exploring my "star stuff". It is a complicated and evolving symbol for me - and as someone 
who has an affection for the art of symbols anyway - it has become a very personal one equal only to spirals
in my self mythology and identity.

This new series is an early formalization of the circumpunct in my work as I begin to explore all of the stories
that it has to tell.

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