Doodle Freely

Richland Library is sponsoring a new mural to top off their recent renovations. 
It is planned to be 50 feet long, 9 feet high and entirely made up of bookmark
sized doodles donated from the community. I didn't find out about the project 
until just a few days before the scheduled deadline. But it was indicated that the
original deadline was a soft one, so I grabbed five more blank bookmarks when
I turned in my first one (Storyteller). There were still 4 blank bookmarks available
when I turned in those five (Rambler, Booklover, Tiptoe, Forest Walker and Curl Girl).
I grabbed the last of the bookmarks and spent this weekend creating the final four that I will
try (Puppy, Ammonite Crown, Buggles and Cloud). I don't know how they will be
deciding what they will use in the final results, but I'll include what I donated on this
page and you may look for them if you are interested.

Artist-in-Residence Marius Valdes is leading the project based around his style of
art. You may find out more about his work and this project at


From left to right: Booklover, Tiptoe, Rambler, Curl Girl and Forest Walker.

From left to right: Puppy, Ammonite Crown, Buggles and Cloud.